Julie Edelman The Accidental Housewife



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Outdoor Cleanup

Stylin', rakin 'n getting KLG 'n Hoda's leaves 'n minds out of the gutter! Watch Now

Labor Day Stains

Julie Edelman gives advice on how not to labor over Labor Day stains Watch Now

Gaining Independence from 4th of July Stains

"Gaining Independence from Summer Stains" with Kathie Lee 'n Hoda! Watch Now

Stuff that Bugs Us

Helping get rid of summertime stuff that bugs us with Today Show gal pals Kathie Lee 'N Hoda! Watch Now

Julie on Pet Cleanup

Julie talks with Hoda and Kathie Lee on ways to simplify picking up after your pets. Watch Now

Get Rid of Dust Mites

Smite the mites living in your house. Watch Now

Behind the Scenes at The Today Show

Behind the scenes pre "Pet Peeves" segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda...walking and talking the Green Room Carpet smile Watch Now

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