Julie Edelman The Accidental Housewife



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Spring Cleaning HI-Q

Julie tests Hoda's and Lisa Rinna's Spring Cleaning HI- Q (housewife intelligent quotient! Watch Now

Dorm room survival

Julie Edelman gives advice on how to keep clean, organized and stylish in a dorm room, and suggests handy products such as cedar drawer liners. Watch Now

Trash Into Cash

Turning things we trash into cash savings with Kathie Lee 'n Hoda! Watch Now

Swat! How to Zap Away Pesky Summer Bugs

Julie quizzes Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Dean Cain about the best way to repel and get rid of summertime bugs. Watch Now

How to Get Sand Out of Everything

Get sand out of your electronics, your snacks and even your kids! Watch Now

5 tips for cleaning up outdoor furniture, pool

Cleanin’ n preenin’ our outdoor oasis with fave gal pals n gettin’ hosed too! Watch Now

Holiday Emergencies

How to fix 6 fashion emergencies with Today's Hoda and Kathie Lee Watch Now

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