Julie Edelman The Accidental Housewife

The Accidental Housewife’s
Guide to Living the Rid Life!

A new way of balancing home, family and self which rewards you with time, money and gaining back your sanity to enjoy a better life.


A few years back I got rid of the need to be perfect and came out of my broom closet admitting I couldn’t do it all nor did I want to. I coined my revelation the birth of The Accidental Housewife and I went on a crusade to help housewives and moms in particular, maintain their home, sanity and manicure. I wanted to empower women by sharing that each of us needs to do what I refer to as ‘chores that bore’ in a way which reflect our own individual talents and not worry about being like our mother, best friend or Martha. As long as we were keeping health inspectors away and our family from starvation we were doing ‘good enough’ housewifing. So I offered tips that were not your mother’s way of doing domestic tasks. I combined these tips with a sense of humor and the real life reality that our lives are far too busy and very few of us have the time, interest nor skill to do it all. That was the beginning. Now I am going to take these tips a step further, and enable YOU to choose what YOU want to get rid of that will save YOU time, money, or NRG or all three. YOU decide and whichever you do, I’ll provide you with real value for getting rid of any or all those things that overload our lives and our minds day in and day out. Steve Jobs perhaps said it best, “It’s time to say no more often then yes and GET RID of the crap(py) stuff”... that’s weighing us down. It’s time for we accidental housewives to not only maintain our home, sanity and manicure but to reap the rewards of LIVING THE RID LIFE.

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